little green light

The “little green light” is a term used by the philosopher and artist Michel de Montaigne to describe the idea that we have this little “flash of insight to come” which happens every six seconds, that flashes of insight are often followed by a “little green light” which is all it takes to go back to the “little green light”.

I think that’s true. We just need to be aware of it. We don’t need to be able to see it ourselves, but we can look for it. It’s not there when you stop, but it’s there if you look. When we’re in the midst of a moment, we can feel it. It’s not there when we’re sitting at home and it’s raining, but it’s there when we’re driving a car.

The little green light is a way to get a brief glimpse of what a moment is. And when you see it, it gives you a mental snapshot of what that moment is. This is a good thing. If you’ve ever been in a place where you have to wait to get to a place, or go somewhere, and then you see that little green light flashing, you probably won’t be able to get to your destination.

This little green light is a way to tell what your mind is thinking. When we think of the little green light, we’re probably thinking of the same thing, but we’re not actually thinking it consciously. We’re just noticing it. When we see this little green light flashing in a moment, we’re not actually thinking of the little green light flashing. We’re actually thinking about that moment.

This little green light serves as a reminder that when we’re busy thinking, we can be missing out on the moment, when we don’t. When we’re not paying attention to our thoughts, we may not even notice the little green light flashing.

Another way to put this is that we may not even be aware of our thoughts, but they are still there. We can’t just erase them from our minds, but we can be aware of them, we can take them out of our minds.

As a way to remind ourselves of this, think about what we’re doing at work. How many times have you sat there and just sat there, doing nothing? You are not even aware of it. You are not even aware of the fact that there is something you are missing. There are thousands of people out there like you. You are not even aware of the fact that you, or the other people like you, are not at work.

There are a million ways to be aware of the fact that you are not at work. If we focus on the one way to be aware of that fact, it is to not waste the time we do have to notice it. It’s to focus on the things we have to do while we wait for our bosses to call us in on some project.

And the reason why we focus on this way of being aware is because it is the only way we can truly realize our own power and the power of the people around us. To not waste the time we do have to notice the fact that we are not at work and how much energy it takes to not notice. We can only be aware of the things we are not aware of, right? They are not things we are not aware of.

It’s another way to be self-aware. It’s a form of meditation and awareness.

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