About the Project


Untouchable follows human rights activist Bishnu Maya Pariyar as she journeys across Nepal to return to the village where she was born and raised. Throughout the trek, Bishnu recalls fond memories of her youth as well as painful reminders of the discrimination that she faced as a result of her family’s low-caste heritage. A true figure of courage and perseverance, Bishnu relates how she has been able to overcome the oppressive situation that she was born into and how she is helping other women to do the same.



Founded by Bishnu Maya Pariyar, EDWON (Empower Dalit Women of Nepal) gives women the tools to become agents of change. EDWON’s programs are based on women’s empowerment groups, developing leadership and encouraging women of different castes to work together. Through growing solidarity, women begin to alter their learned behavior with regards to caste and “untouchability.” Internal attitudes and behavior of mutual support spread to the families and eventually permeate the entire community.



EDWON is one of few organizations that focuses on reaching and empowering Dalit women of Nepal. By creating a short documentary that captures a small part of Bishnu’s incredible story, Join the Lights seeks to equip the organization with a tool that will not only inform viewers but will seize their hearts as well. And by increasing awareness as well as support we hope that Bishnu and EDWON will be able to achieve new measures of equality for the women and families that they tirelessly serve.


Project Details

  •  Micro Documentary
  •  EDWON
  •  Gorkha, Nepal
  •  October, 2013
  •  15 minutes
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