About the Project


Sami Awad grew up as a Palestinian Christian in Bethlehem.  Surrounded by Israeli soldiers that constantly threatened, watched and built walls around him, Sami fought back for his rights peacefully. However, it wasn’t until after Sami had founded his organization, Holy Land Trust, that Sami confronted Jesus’ words in a new way. Watch as Sami realizes that “loving your enemy” is not just a call for detached peace but also a call to invested unity.

Holy Sepulchre


Sami Awad founded Holy Land Trust (HLT) in 1998 which focuses on developing non-violent means to end the Palestine-Israeli conflict. By working with community leaders HLT hopes to transform the way each community looks at the other, creating a new conversation centered on healing, forgiveness and unity.

Filming Along the Wall


Despite many organizations in Bethlehem and Jerusalem fighting for peace, Join the Lights felt that Sami’s unique voice and message was missing from the conversation.  By creating a short video that Sami and Holy Land Trust can use to interest audiences in their work, they will be able to reach more people who might be drawn to work with HLT in Bethlehem.

Tim, Davis & Kevin in Jerusalem

Project Details

  •  Promotional
  •  Holy Land Trust
  •  Bethlehem, West Bank
  •  November, 2013
  •  4 min. 9 sec.
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