About the Project


Northern Uganda is an area marked by the devastating effects of a two-decade long war: roads lay in ruin, houses are abandoned out of disrepair, and once temporary huts are now permanent homes. Thousands of humanitarian aid organizations have descended upon the region offering external short-term relief, but Restore International believes that healing in Uganda will occur from within the country. Rise Uganda is a film created for Restore’s Leadership Academy and illustrates the journey of finding strength from within to build beauty amidst the broken.

Rising from the Ashes


Restore International was founded in 2008 by Bob Goff (author of the New York Times bestseller Love Does) to fight injustice in Uganda.  As part of the mission, the Restore Leadership Academy seeks to enroll underprivileged students and through rigorous curriculum, strong community and individual mentorship, encourage these students to grow into future leaders. By cultivating leaders, Restore hopes to empower this future generation to change the future of Uganda and to produce lasting change.

Beauty amidst the Broken


Bob Goff keeps an impressive schedule of speaking engagements and conferences where he talks on behalf of Restore International and the message of Loves Does. Join the Lights created a film that captures the heart of Restore – that Uganda’s youth can change the future of their country and are capable of doing anything – in order to provide him with a visual tool at these events. In addition, Restore will be able to promote itself using the film online and in social media outlets.

Filming in Uganda

Project Details

  •  Promotional
  •  Restore International
  •  Gulu, Uganda
  •  March, 2013
  •  3 min. 13 sec.
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"Blown away by the @restoreint video by @JoinTheLights. A caper planned on Tom Sawyer Island; executed in Gulu, Uganda."
— @BobGoff via Twitter