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Nearly 1 in 6 people around the world are infected with a neglected tropical disease (NTD).  In September 2013, a mass drug administration was organized in Myanmar in an attempt to distribute medicine to 36 million people. Health of a Nation follows END7 as they partner with Myanmar officials to deliver medicine, help those affected by NTDs, and eradicate a disease. Watch to see how a simple packet of pills can ensure a child’s health and education.

Myanmar nurses


END7 is a campaign to see the end of 7 neglected tropical diseases by the year 2020.  These NTDs stop children from going to school, take parents away from work, and without treatment can lead to lifelong suffering. END7 knows that it only takes a simple pill to protect an individual from this disease. With your help and support, END7 hopes to raise awareness and distribute this medicine to more and more people in need.

Myanmar classroom


END7 needs the support of the masses to help cure millions of people affected by NTDs. Join the Lights partnered with END7 to share how this medicine not only is distributed to millions, but how it can affect the individual as well. Through promotion of this film, END7 hopes to raise more support and awareness, furthering their mission to see the end of 7 NTDs by the year 2020.

Myanmar filming

Project Details

  •  Promotional
  •  END7
  •  Yangon, Myanmar
  •  September, 2013
  •  3 min. 30 sec.
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