About the Project


In Maasailand, Tanzania, women as young as 10 are traded as child brides for livestock. However, through education these young women are enabled to decide their own future. For My Daughter is the story of one mother struggling to provide her daughter with a choice of a better future through the opportunity of an education.



Faces4Hope is a non-profit organization that partners with local leaders in East Africa to help provide education, micro-loans, and financial support to those in need. Faces4Hope seeks to shift the culture, encourage education, and provide the simple freedom of choice for these women.



Faces4Hope seeks to grow their support through presentations and an online video presence. By creating a video that reveals local culture, Faces4Hope has a launching point to explain the specific ways that it aids Tanzania and the Maasai people.


Project Details

  •  Micro Documentary
  •  Faces4Hope
  •  Arusha, Tanzania
  •  February, 2013
  •  5 min. 35 sec.
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