About the Project


El Niño Que Llaman Mascota (The Boy They Called Mascota) is the story of one of the thousands of street children found on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, and how one remarkable organization reached out to help. Niños de la Luz shows that the steadfast investment of love into one child has the power to impact many more.

Filming in Caracas


Niños de la Luz (NDLL) is a ministry dedicated to rescuing street children in Latin America. In Caracas, Venezuela, there are an estimated 10,000 street children according to UNICEF. These kids grow up without parents — stealing to survive and easing the pain by taking drugs. NDLL goes out on to the street, cares for these children, and offers a way off the street by providing a home. This home, called the Lighthouse Ranch, is a place for kids to live in a small family-based environment, go to school, play games, and grow up with hope for a better future.

Ninos Bus


Niños de la Luz has been working to raise support from local churches and organizations in Caracas, Venezuela. However, many potential partners fail to understand the impact and importance of what NDLL does. El Niño Que Llaman Mascota was created as a way to help illustrate what they do and how important their mission is for the local community of Caracas.

Boys of Ninos de la Luz

Project Details

  •  Micro Documentary
  •  Niños de la Luz
  •  Caracas, Venezuela
  •  November, 2012
  •  8 min. 30 sec.
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