About the Project


Aprendiendo a Servir (“Learning to Serve”) is a promotional video for La Baliza Life Navigation School located in the Dominican Republic.  Misael shares the story of how he was changed because of attending La Baliza.  Through simple cooking, electrical, and job application skills, Misael is now able to grow his career.  Furthermore, through discipleship training, Misael is able to share his faith and serve others in his community.



La Baliza Life Navigation School seeks to disciple, guide, and equip youth who have aged-out of institutional care or who are struggling on their own.  Many youth who age-out lack the basic skills and direction needed to fully thrive on their own. Unfortunately, without guidance and skills many youth return to the streets from which they came. La Baliza teaches basic skills such as cooking, budgeting, resume creation, and interviewing.  By giving youth guidance and discipleship training, they encourage young adults to grow their faith, live a life of integrity, and live a life of excellence.



In order to succeed, La Baliza wants to become partners with other institutions raising at risk youth. We created Aprendiendo a Servir along with other supporting materials to help La Baliza market itself to such institutions and show how the program can provide direction for youth.


Project Details

  •  Promotional
  •  La Baliza Life Navigation School
  •  Sosua, Dominican Republic
  •  December, 2012
  •  3 min. 30 sec.
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