About the Project


A New Seed shares the story of Nam Saeng, a Burmese farmer forced to leave his home in Myanmar and to take refuge in Northern Thailand. This new land was not easy for him and his brother to farm.  It became hard to feed his family and with few options, he didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, he heard about a “Seed Swap” gathering by an organization called ECHO. At this event, ECHO shared locally tested seeds and, more importantly, knowledge on how best to grow sustainable and profitable crops.



ECHO’s main headquarters are located in southern Florida, where sustainable farming methods are developed and tested. ECHO distributes this valuable information through a global community-based network as well as through local offices in Arusha, Tanzania, and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Join the Lights created A New Seed to share how ECHO’s work affects individuals around the globe and to illustrate how meaningful this research is for the farmers who use it.

Filming ECHO


Approximately 925 million people in the world are hungry. ECHO empowers small-scale farmers to increase their harvests and the nutritional diversity of their crops.  By educating and equipping local farmers, ECHO is creating sustainable solutions to hunger around the world.


Project Details

  •  Promotional
  •  ECHO
  •  Chiang Mai, Thailand
  •  August, 2013
  •  4 min. 10 sec.
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"It's beautiful and captures a story to represent ECHO and what the organization does. We've been so blessed by your visit and the donation of your time and work."
— Rebecca Garofano, Asia Regional Office Manager