About the Project


Titled If You See Something, Say Something, this forty-second public service announcement was created for national broadcast in Greece to raise awareness for the A21 Campaign’s 1109 hotline for human trafficking.  Using a split-screen effect, the PSA shows a young man’s moment of opportunity to make a phone call that could rescue a girl from captivity and possibly save her life.



The A21 Campaign is an international non-profit organization that seeks to end injustice in the 21st century.  As its founder, Christine Caine speaks at various conferences and churches around the world raising support for and awareness of human trafficking.  Greece has become a hotspot for transporting victims because of its eastern border and ports, and that is why The A21 Campaign works closely with the local law enforcement to rescue girls from captivity, provide shelter for victims, and prosecute their traffickers.



Creating a recognized national hotline number for human trafficking in Greece is a high priority for The A21 Campaign because it can be a literal lifeline for victims and those seeking help. Also, by knowing the signs of trafficking, Greek citizens are empowered to make a call that could free a life from the bonds of slavery. By providing a PSA ready for national broadcast, Join the Lights is enabling The A21 Campaign to further its mission, grow support and save lives.


Project Details

  •  PSA
  •  The A21 Campaign
  •  Thessaloniki, Greece
  •  January, 2013
  •  40 sec.
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"Since you made the film for us, we were able to have it played nationwide, and saw a 350% increase in calls to the hotline!"
— Annie Dollarhide, Global Communications Manager, The A21 Campaign