Our Process

1. Discover the Story

A story isn’t about a fact, an issue, or even an organization – but a person.  We seek to find stories about people acting out in courage and people who have been changed because of inconceivable grace.

2. Develop & Plan

Every story is as unique as the person it is about.  That is why we come in with an open mind and seek to attack each story in a different way – solving each problem with a creative solution that will ultimately make the film better.

3. Shoot & Edit

We capture the story in a professional and beautiful way, making it entertaining and inspiring.  During editing we refine the story to a single message that most effectively conveys the story.

4. Share the Story

In order for the story to be truly effective, we must share the story with the world by targeting the appropriate audience and determining the most effective channels of distribution, such as the Internet, festivals, or broadcast TV.

Selected Projects


 Micro Documentary  Gorkha, Nepal  October, 2013

Untouchable follows human rights activist Bishnu Maya Pariyar as she journeys across Nepal to return to the village where she was born…

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This is Holy Land

 Promotional  Bethlehem, West Bank  November, 2013

Sami Awad and Holy Land Trust focus on developing non-violent means to end the Palestine-Israeli conflict….

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Health of a Nation

 Promotional  Yangon, Myanmar  September, 2013

This short promo follows END7 as they partner with Myanmar officials to deliver medicine, help those affected by NTDs, and work to eradicate…

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A New Seed

 Promotional  Chiang Mai, Thailand  August, 2013

A New Seed shares the story of Lim Nyung Sang, a Burmese farmer forced to leave his home in Myanmar and to take refuge in Northern Thailand….

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Labor of Love

 Micro Documentary  Olongopo, Philippines  July, 2013

A short documentary that follows a woman’s antepartum journey and the hope provided to mothers in the Philippines by Mercy in Action….

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Rescue is Not Enough

 Promotional  Phnom Penh, Cambodia  June, 2013

This film follows a young girl who has recently been rescued from trafficking as she is welcomed into Transitions’ aftercare program….

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 Micro Documentary  Chwele, Kenya  May, 2013

Eli is a portrayal of a disabled child’s daily life in an effort to highlight the importance of special needs care and education in Kenya….

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Rise Uganda

 Promotional  Gulu, Uganda  March, 2013

Rise Uganda is a film created for Restore’s Leadership Academy and illustrates the journey of finding strength from within to build beauty…

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For My Daughter

 Micro Documentary  Arusha, Tanzania  February, 2013

This short documentary provides Faces4Hope with a launching point to explain how it aids Tanzania and the Maasai people….

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If You See Something, Say Something

 PSA  Thessaloniki, Greece  January, 2013

This forty second public service announcement was created for national broadcast in Greece in an effort to raise awareness for a human trafficking…

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Aprendiendo a Servir

 Promotional  Sosua, Dominican Republic  December, 2012

A promotional video for La Baliza Life Navigation School that shares Misael’s story of transformation through discipleship, equipping, and guidance….

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El Niño que Llaman Mascota

 Micro Documentary  Caracas, Venezuela  November, 2012

This film is about the story of one of the thousands of street children found on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela and how one remarkable organization…

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