During our last few days of wrapping up “For My Daughter” in Tanzania, we decided to take a hike.  All month we had been staring at the large mountain right outside, haunting us, asking us if we could go.  Although Kilimanjaro is an awesome and beautiful mountain that maybe we’ll come back to climb, Mt. Meru was staring at us and just waiting to be conquered.  At just under 15,000 feet – it’s not an easy climb.  When we left for a year we couldn’t have brought all the gear we needed to climb 15,000 foot mountains.  So after packing pretty much every item of clothing we had, we took a walk.

Although many would fly to Tanzania just to climb Kilimanjaro, I’d say that Mt. Meru might be one of the better decisions we made.  It is by far one of the most unique mountains, stair-casing up the edge of the crater almost the entire way up.  The cliff-face kept rising, from 500 feet to the final peak of 3000 feet, straight down to the inside crater.  And then, as all of our energy faded and we were nearly frozen, clinging to the socks on our hands, we watched the sun rise right over Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Beautiful and breathtaking, and just the creative break to (although exhausted) re-energize ourselves before Uganda.

Beware though, the same incredible day that we left at 1 in the morning and saw the sunrise at 15,000 feet, we climbed down, all the way.  4000 feet up and 12,000 down will do wonders for your knees.  I think we were all limping for the next 3 days.  Nonetheless a remarkable experience we wanted to share with you.

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  1. Phil

    You guys are awesome! Wish I was there, bet it would a great spot to fly a rc helicopter! :)

  2. Steve

    The shadow cast by the mountain while standing at the top is an incredible sight.

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