It’s been over 6 months since we premiered El Nino Que Llaman Mascota and we wanted to share a little bit of how the film is being used to help support the rescue and care of street children in Caracas, Venezuela.  

Since the premiere, Ninos de la Luz has been sharing the film at various churches around the U.S. in order to help raise support. Jon Haslett, shared “We have had an amazing response everywhere we have shown it.  It depicts our ministry through video in a way we could have never been able to otherwise.”

Shannon Haslett, who founded Ninos with Jon, also wrote us an email sharing the response she experienced with one of the viewings. “We honestly had the most response that we have ever had there.  They showed it at the beginning of the service and Jon spoke for a few minutes before the video.  People were coming up to us after the service in tears.  One lady couldn’t even talk to us because she was crying so much!  The best part was hearing people share how moved they were to step out of their comfort zones and help the people around them.  It was truly anointed!”

We want you to know that this all happened because of you, our community.  This is exactly what you set out to do, to move people, inspire people, and cause a response.  Please continue to share Mascota and the other films on Facebook and Twitter in hopes that even more will be inspired to step out of their comfort zones.

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Photos courtesy of Summer.Photography.

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