Uganda was packed full of  stories and adventure. Here are just a few photos from our time there.  Also, if you haven’t had a chance yet, check out our film  Rise Uganda for Restore International.  

africa-building-destroyed bts-serifa africa-railroad Africa-dirty-water-poster uganda-student_study Uganda-landscape uganda-hut-sky uganda-girls-laughing uganda-family-31bits uganda-bike-loan uganda-31bits uganda_school_learning restore-kite restore-finding-string restore-building-1 restore-bricks restore-balloons-possibilities bob-goff-restore-opening bob-goff-balloons bob-goff-balloons-restore-opening BITS-Bike-loan africa-water-bottle-dirty africa-giraffe restore-kites

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  1. Debbie & Tim

    Great shots of many needs but also many blessings, from the filthy water and the poverty to the nicely dressed students at the school, the water balloons, the giraffes and Kite Day!!

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