Entering Israel is a dramatic difference from the green hills of Nepal we came from, but nonetheless it had a beauty of it’s own that captured our attention.  From the empty streets in some Palestinian areas, to the desert near the Dead Sea, to the sunsets over the holy city, we started to grow very fond Israel.  For this film, we knew we wanted to capture as much of the area as possible to give people a sense of what it felt like to walk the streets and see the wall.  However we still wanted to do that in a unique way that didn’t feel like tourist news footage.  This meant carrying the camera around with us at all times (which could be a bit tricky between borders) and shooting everything from unique angles and in slow motion.  Take a look at the film if you haven’t already and then take a look below to see some photos we captured on our journey.
 IMG_4779IMG_4797IMG_4764bethlehem-church-of-nativity camera-holy-land-timelapse  DSCF2245 DSCF2252 DSCF2260 DSCF2274 DSCF2277 DSCF2282 DSCF2347  IMG_1801 IMG_1804 IMG_1806 IMG_1811 IMG_1826 IMG_1830 IMG_1839 IMG_1846 IMG_1849 IMG_1853sami-awad-israel IMG_1861 IMG_3396 IMG_3398 IMG_3400 IMG_3422 IMG_3438 IMG_3443 IMG_3446 IMG_3450 IMG_3456  IMG_4771  IMG_4784israel-2-up  IMG_4800 IMG_4821 IMG_4833 IMG_4879 IMG_4893  israel-church israel-dead-sea-desert israel-octogan-lake  israel-sunset-wow join-the-lights-sunset-holy-land jtl-israel-explore DSCF2351 kevin-dead-sea-floatingdead-sea-jtl palestine-empty-streets  sunset-holy-land tree-desert west-wall-israeljtl-jump-israelisrael-sunset-mediterranean-sea

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