If you’ve seen Labor of Love, you know that we had the remarkable opportunity to follow Eliza as she overcomes her fear of childbirth after complications with her pregnancy.  Check out some of the photos of Eliza and her newborn baby boy as well as some others from a small trip to a local island.

IMG_8549 IMG_9981 IMG_9976 IMG_9975 IMG_9961 IMG_9877 IMG_9870 IMG_9864 IMG_9863 IMG_9854 IMG_9844 IMG_9840 IMG_9313 IMG_9051 IMG_9049 IMG_9042 IMG_9037 IMG_9014 IMG_9009 IMG_9003 IMG_8997 IMG_8862 IMG_8861 IMG_8852 IMG_8851 IMG_8679 IMG_8668 IMG_8644  IMG_8620 IMG_8603 IMG_8575

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  1. Debbie & Tim

    What a happy ending for Eliza! Great views of the Philippines! Beautiful beaches!

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