Take a look at some of the photos we took while filming Labor of Love for Mercy in Action in the Philippines.  We loved not only being able to follow the remarkable work that the midwives were doing, but also a chance to explore the beauty of the Philippines (including a trip to a nearby island and a zoo!).  Stay tuned for more photos!

IMG_8158IMG_8183IMG_8180IMG_8341 IMG_8337 IMG_8306 IMG_8284 IMG_8255 IMG_8223 IMG_8218 - combined IMG_8206 IMG_8205 IMG_8203 IMG_8190   IMG_8178 IMG_8168 IMG_8161  IMG_8156 IMG_8143 IMG_8121 IMG_8106 IMG_7831 IMG_7817 IMG_7812 IMG_0153 - combined IMG_0136 IMG_0120 IMG_0103 IMG_0101 IMG_0075 IMG_0068 IMG_0063

2 Responses

  1. Debbie & Tim

    Loved ‘em all, especially the one with the 3 of you standing in front of the boat with green lights!

  2. veranohaslett

    Great photos! They reminded me of our time in Manila and made me feel like I was there! You guys are doing a great job! Rachel and Summer sure enjoyed hanging out with you in Ca. Thanks again for the blessing you’ve been to us and NDLL! Still liken our video the best…but then again I’m biased!

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