What an incredible month it has been in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Although some of the work we do is rather un-cinematic  (from preproduction meetings to all-day editing), this video shows some of the best times here in Greece.  Enjoy!


Today we were blessed with the best weather we could have had in Thessaloniki, Greece.  It was absolutely incredible.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Today was our main day of shooting and it needed to be great.  Amazingly, all the pieces came together and we were able to have a pretty flawless day.  A big thanks to everyone here in Greece who helped make the day so fun and exciting.  We love this A21 group and the community that they have here in Greece.  So blessed to be supporting their campaign to end slavery!

Join the Lights Presents: Aprendiendo a Servir


Join the Lights is excited to present to you our second film, Aprendiendo a Servir (Learning to Serve), a promotional video made for La Baliza Life Navigation School in Dominican Republic. In this film, Misael shares his story of transformation through attending La Baliza.

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We are very excited to announce a new website for Join the Lights.  Designed and created by our very own Kevin Neynaber in four different countries, it’s about as fancy as they come and we could not be more proud.  So take a look through everything on your computer, or phone, or tablet — it will work wherever!

Dominican Republic Recap


We could not have asked for a better place, or rather family, to spend Christmas with while on the road. La Baliza Life Navigation for Youth is an extension of Niños de la Luz that helps disciple, equip, and guide youth who have grown up in institutional care so that they can fully succeed in life.

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Thoughts on Celebrating a New Year in Greece


I heard it said once that time is slowed down when we experience new things. Our brain takes in information and expands the memories so a day starts to feel like a week, a week like a month, and a year like 5. If it is true that new experiences make time seem longer, then I guess we’re in for a long 2013. But something tells me that at the end of it all, it will seem like just a dream that has flown by.

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We’re in Thessaloniki, Greece!

JTL in Thessaloniki

We never thought we would be in Greece of all places, but here we are. During the month of January we will be working with the remarkable organization A21 and their national hotline for Greece.

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Venezuela in Retrospect

Caracas Venezuela

With reckless abandon we left our comfortable home destined for Caracas, Venezuela to share the powerful stories of street children being rescued and hope being restored. We had no idea what to expect but we now understand it could not have been a better fit for our first month on tour.

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