Take a look at some of the behind the scenes action from this last month in February. See behind the scenes of us getting to know the Maasai culture, filming for the film “For My Daughter” (coming soon!) and also taking a climb up Mt. Meru!

Tanzanian Double Exposures


If you’ve been following our Instagram or Facebook posts recently, you may have seen some crazy photos from Tanzania. As we wrap up editing on the film, we’ve been enjoying experimenting with some layered photos and thought you might enjoy them too. It’s not our typical thing, but we thought we would share! Stay tuned for the Tanzania film in the next couple of weeks!

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Greece Photo Recap


In case you haven’t seen it yet, you should go check out If You See Something, Say Something PSA for The A21 Campaign. We enjoyed our time in Greece so much and could not be more thankful for the community there. Here is a recap of some of the fun in Greece.

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Discovering a Culture

Maasailand-2 copy

This past week we had the opportunity to travel around throughout North East Tanzania. We’ve visited homes near Arusha and in Maasailand, been humbly invited in, and greeted with some hot chai tea. We’ve asked a million questions and been told a thousand stories as we attempt to grasp the depth of the culture and the story we will tell.

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We’re so excited to be in Tanzania sharing the stories of Faces4Hope, an organization aimed at helping women and children in the local tribes be educated and empowered.

Our Last Sunset in Thessaloniki


After twenty or something blurry airplane travel hours we’ve made it to Tanzania. I was beyond sleepy. Davis can sleep on a plane without a problem and claims he is a professional. Kevin and I, we squirm and torture ourselves in different positions until we are just nearly asleep – and then we wake up, realizing we had only been asleep for a song or two.

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A Day Trip to Meteora, Greece


During our last weekend in Greece, we decided to take a day trip with some friends to Meteora. We heard of the mountain top monasteries when we first arrived and had eagerly awaited a chance when we could head up to the mountains and see these magnificent buildings in a glorious setting. Through snowy roads and icy cold air we drove.

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