Join the Lights Presents: ‘Rise Uganda’ – Restore International


We are so excited to finally premiere the new Join the Light’s film Rise Uganda from Restore International in Gulu, Uganda.

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Emily’s Rare Love


We hitched a ride out of the already rural town of Chwele to find Emily’s home. Unfortunately, she wasn’t home. So like many other times in Africa, we waited under the shade of a nearby tree.

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Shambles and Gardening in Nairobi


We ventured into one of the largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. I was walking with Wangu Kanja, founder of Wangu Kanja Foundation. She was taking me to a local school where she raises awareness about sexual violence and rap and invites children to speak to her, giving her a chance to provide physical and psychological help. It’s an awesome project and I encourage you to check her website for more information. But something else intrigued me.

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riseposter4 copy

We’ve been intentionally quiet about our newest film from Uganda because we don’t want to spoil the ending, but get ready because it’s coming soon!

A Year Ago: Hoisting the Sail

IMG_4660 copy

Currently, I sit in a courtyard of a hotel in Kampala, Uganda. I watch the bright white clouds shift along the bright sky blue backdrop. And the bright sun shines through the green leaves of the trees.

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BTS Photos from Tanzania


Check out some photos of the behind the scenes action from our time in Tanzania! We had such a blast getting to know Mama Namelach and Papa Bariki and are so thankful they opened up and shared their lives with us.

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