Office Days


Despite incredible experiences and encounters while traveling the world, many of our days are spent in our office during post-production. Each of us has our own preferences where we love to spend our time locked behind the computer and we adventure out or in to find the perfect coffee shop or desk.

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What are the boundaries of “good” filmmaking?


Social justice documentaries are hard to make. As with traditional docs, almost everything’s out of the filmmaker’s control from the weather to the outcome. Actors are not following a script; real people are living their lives, and those, believe it or not, can be hard to predict.

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Cambodia Photos – Part II


Part 2 of a behind the scenes look at our time in Cambodia while making Rescue is Not Enough for Transitions Global. Almost every day at around 3 pm the clouds would gather and soon begin to downpour. Luckily, there were a few days we were able to enjoy some beautiful sunsets. Also, we spent a few days with Water of Life in Cambdia and you’ll see some of the children they are impacting in the photos below.

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Cambodia Photos – Part I


Phnom Penh, Cambodia quickly become one of our favorite places to be. We lived right in the thick of things. Every day we

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NEW FILM: “Rescue is Not Enough” – Transitions Global, Cambodia


Join the Lights is proud to present our new film from Cambodia: Rescue is Not Enough. When we first met with Transitions Global founders James and Athena Pond, they explained how they lacked a concise video to explain what Transitions does to provide effective, quality aftercare.

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Update on “El Niño Que Llaman Mascota”


It’s been around 6 months since we premiered El Nino Que Llaman Mascota and we wanted to share a little bit of how the film is being used to help support the rescue and care of street children in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Photos


Towards the end of May, after 6 months of travel and filmmaking, we decided to take a 5 day break in Cambodia. It was good to take a deep breath and not think about film or business every day. After one day in Phnom Penh, we rented some motorcycles and took the risk of driving the 6 hour road to Siem Reap ourselves.

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