After twenty or something blurry airplane travel hours we’ve made it to Tanzania.  I was beyond sleepy.  Davis can sleep on a plane without a problem and claims he is a professional.  Kevin and I, we squirm and torture ourselves in different positions until we are just nearly asleep – and then we wake up, realizing we had only been asleep for a song or two.  Hardly enough to make time go by.  Positives of not sleeping including nibbling at the oh so incredible airplane food.  Now, I sit in our new room, under the Tanzania stars in what is undoubtedly a whole new world. (More to come about that!)

Our last night in Greece was one of the best sunsets I have ever experienced.  I will miss Thessaloniki.  For the food.  For the internet.  For the waterfront.  For Mt. Olympus.  But mostly for the community.  What an incredible community we got to experience.  On our last night, we met up with almost 20 friends.  People that we have met over the course of the past month, invested in, and became a loving community to us.  They are all brilliant colors of a beautiful sunset.

I usually don’t share this many photos of one thing – but this sunset was just too incredible to pass up.

 IMG_8865 IMG_8992 IMG_8983 IMG_8981 IMG_8980 IMG_8973 IMG_8972 IMG_8959 IMG_8957 IMG_8941 IMG_8937 IMG_8934 IMG_8929 IMG_8926 IMG_8924 IMG_8921 IMG_8917 IMG_8914 IMG_8911 IMG_8906 IMG_8895 IMG_8893 IMG_8890 IMG_8878 IMG_8875

4 Responses

  1. Melina

    Great blog and pics!! We will be waiting for you to come back someday. Greetings to all!

  2. Phil

    I love my city! And we love you guys, miss having you all here and hang out – you guys are quality! Thanks again for the incredible blessing you have been to us! All the best in the next chapter of Join the lights

  3. Annie

    WOW!!!! LOVE these shots! You guys are seriously MISSED here in Greece! Come back and visit us again soon!

    • Tim Kressin

      Miss you all so very much! We’ll try not to make it too long until we get back :) Keep rocking it and changing the world!

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