Despite incredible experiences and encounters while traveling the world, many of our days are spent in our office during post-production.  Each of us has our own preferences where we love to spend our time locked behind the computer and we adventure out or in to find the perfect coffee shop or desk.  While getting closer and closer to finishing our newest film from Mercy in Action in the Philippines, I thought I’d share an inside view of how a lot of our days are spent.  These images capture our roles fairly well.  Davis is king of communication, likes spending his time in coffee shops with his phone earpiece in and ready to go.  Kevin loves the darkest room possible while he watches every second of our films and scrutinizes them to perfection.  I float between a hotel room and a coffee shop depending on my mood, or stomach, capturing all that’s going on and editing various projects Kevin sends my way.

IMG_7367 IMG_7369 IMG_7673 IMG_7679 IMG_7680 IMG_7755 IMG_7756 IMG_7757 IMG_7758

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