Join the Lights is proud to present our new film from Cambodia, Rescue is Not Enough.  When we first met with Transitions Global founders James and Athena Pond, they explained how they lacked a concise video to explain what Transitions does. James Pond often speaks at large conferences and forums on human trafficking and this tool will visually and concisely show the value in the Transitions’ approach to aftercare.

Transitions approaches the care of trauma victims with the mentality that while the journey to recovery begins with physical freedom, true freedom from past exploitation requires emotional healing as well as genuine hope for a better future. As such, every girl at Transitions receives individual therapeutic care and is provided with opportunities for her future.

Enjoy the short film and make sure to pass on the word about what Transitions Global is doing to help victims of sex-trafficking in Cambodia!

Watch the Film

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  1. Shannon Jones Haslett

    Another amazing job guys! I brag about you guys all the time! I do have to say that our video (Mascota) is still my favorite, but I guess I’m a little biased!

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