Join the Lights presents our newest video: If You See Something, Say Something.

In January, we had the opportunity to collaborate with The A21 Campaign in its mission “to end injustice in the 21st century” by creating a public service announcement for its 1109 human trafficking hotline. The PSA, which is titled If You See Something, Say Something, is a forty second television commercial designed for national broadcast in Greece.

Creating a recognized national hotline number for human trafficking in Greece is a high priority for The A21 Campaign because it can be a literal lifeline for victims seeking help. By providing a PSA ready for national broadcast, Join the Lights is enabling The A21 Campaign to further its mission, grow support and save lives.

We want to thank our community who contributed to Join the Lights ability to create the 1109 PSA.  Through your support, Join the Lights was able to provide a film that is going to be actively used to fight injustice. This is a true affirmation of the Join the Lights mission.

As we said goodbye in Greece, one of the A21 leaders shared that victims from human trafficking will be saved because of this hotline and the awareness it raises. He thanks our community for believing that media can be used to truly make a difference in someone’s life.

Watch the PSA now!

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