Labor of Love

Join the Lights is pleased to present our newest film “Labor of Love”.  

As her second child’s due date approaches, Eliza grows anxious as she is constantly reminded of the horrifying physical and emotional pain she experienced during her first childbirth. Worse, she must find a way to cover the nearly insurmountable cost of giving birth in the local hospital or take the risk of giving birth without care in her own home. Labor of Love follows Eliza’s antepartum journey and the hope provided to mothers in the Philippines through Mercy in Action.

Sharing Eliza’s story took a little bit of luck, a little bit of planning and a good amount of waiting.  We wanted to capture Mercy in Action’s entire process and we were worried that we might miss the actual birth.  After a week of waiting, we got the call at 2:45 am to head out to the street so the ambulance could pick us up.  We grabbed our cameras and hit the road. Being able to capture Eliza during the process was remarkable and something we will not forget.  We are so thankful to Eliza for welcoming us into her home, heart, and life for the film.

It was an honor to work beside Mercy in Action and their staff.  They are experts in their field and work with diligence and love.  It was a blessing to see their process and be able to witness the personal impact they were making through proper maternal care. Please take the time to check out their website and consider supporting their work in the Philippines.

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Watch the film here!

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