Join the Lights is pleased to announce our new film “For My Daughter”.

The month of February was filled with a different type of adventure then we experienced in our previous three months.  Africa proved itself to truly be a different continent. We found ourselves surrounded by epic mountains, dry deserts, and Boma hut villages.  It was a curious place and an even more curious culture.  Maasailand is truly a place that has  been unaffected by the West.  Everywhere else we’ve visited, we’ve seen Coca-Cola plastered over buildings and storefronts — but here, it was just cows, goats, and Chai tea.  Despite being so distant from a culture we experience every day, they welcomed us into their huts and their homes with huge smiles and laughter.

We took almost a week and a half to simply enjoy the culture, understand their stories, and make friends.  For the last few years, Faces4Hope has worked to shift the culture, encourage education, and provide women with the choice of education.  Despite all the complexities within the culture, we could see how a women’s voice was oppressed, how they were sold as child brides, and how they didn’t enjoy the freedom to choose who they would love and how they would live.

For My Daughter is the story of Mama Nomelock and how she works to achieve her dreams for her daughter.  Although she was never able to go to secondary school, she hopes that her daughter can and that through her daughter her culture will be changed.

Faces4Hope will continue to use the film to share their story at presentations across the country, hoping to build awareness and inspire action.  We believe For My Daughter will continue to be a launching point for the presentations so that Faces4Hope can share how they partner with this culture to create change.

Please take a moment to enjoy this film as an insight into this beautiful culture and our remarkable new friends!


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