Our month in Nepal can hardly be described.  Nepal is beautiful.  And the culture and people only add to that.  From the Himalayan mountains rising high above us, to the rivers that wind through them, Nepal was a sight to see.  We found ourselves on Gorkha, filming for Empower Dalit Women of Nepal or EDWON.  

We had first heard about Bishnu through GlobalGiving and were interested to hear more.  As we began to email back and forth, we eventually received a rough draft of an autobiography that Bishnu was working on.  Her story was beautiful, and we knew we had to capture it.  Over the next month we would travel up into the mountains, retracing her steps home, and hearing her story of facing the Caste system while growing up.  While on the mountain top village, we would recreate the childhood of Bishnu (with Bishnu’s talented niece) and also see how the village has changed since Bishnu was a child.

Through microloans and education, EDWON is changing Nepal.  It’s beautiful to see the transformation that is taking place, the new community that is forming because of it.  Our last night in the village they all celebrated Bishnu.  They blessed her and thanked her for the blessing she had been.  It could not have been a more perfect ending.  Really though, the film and photos say it all.

Watch UNTOUCHABLE here! Take a look below at some behind the scenes of our time in Nepal.


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