We are so excited to finally premiere the latest Join the Lights’ film, Rise Uganda, from Restore International in Gulu, Uganda.

Producing Rise was an uphill battle. From transporting gear to remote locations via motorcycle or finding a Ugandan to voice the narration in English to daily challenges such as unpredictable downpours, intermittent electricity, and – even worse – cold showers, it took determination to muster the energy to shoot each day.

But we believed that the challenges were worth it. We wanted to create something different for Restore that shared the heart of the achievement these kids hope to attain.  We also wanted to share founder Bob Goff’s message that there are endless possibilities for the future of Uganda through the new generation of leaders being cultivated at Restore.

The Restore team became a remarkable community of friends that proved invaluable to creating this film.  We cannot thank them enough for their input, crazy boda-boda (motorcycle) driving, crowd and child control and good laughs.  Get excited for the behind the scenes film!

We hope you enjoy Rise and check out Restore International and the remarkable school they are building to nurture Uganda’s leaders of tomorrow.

Watch ‘Rise Uganda’ Now!

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  1. Debbie & Tim

    Nicely done! Beautiful video and music and message!

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