Join the Lights presents our second film, Aprendiendo a Servir (Learning to Serve), a promotional video made for La Baliza Life Navigation School in Dominican Republic.  In this film, Misael shares his story of transformation through attending La Baliza.

The reality is, many youth who age out of institutional care end up right where they began, out on the streets and homeless.  As the video explains, their lives become chaotic, disorganized, and they have no direction.

Over the course of several months, Misael was able to learn basic skills like cooking, electrical wiring, budgeting, gardening, woodshop and job interview skills that helped him stay off the streets and keep his job.  Although Misael’s situation may look dim to some, it is a large success over the alternatives of being homeless or involved in gangs.

Furthermore, with La Baliza’s encouragement, Misael is now serving and sharing the love of Christ with others and living a life full of integrity and excellence.

Aprendiendo a Servir will help La Baliza gain interest, present an example, and help gain legitimacy with other organizations.

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