We could not have asked for a better place, or rather family, to spend Christmas with while on the road.  La Baliza Life Navigation for Youth is an extension of Niños de la Luz that helps disciple, equip, and guide youth who have grown up in institutional care so that they can fully succeed in life.  

We are excited to show you the new film Aprendiendo a Servir (Learning to Serve) and hope you are inspired by the ability to keep young adults off the streets, away from gangs and violence, and equip them to share the love of God as well.  We shared a wonderful Christmas with some of the boys at the La Baliza house, ate roasted pork and whatever else was on that plate, and tried to surf a couple of times – at least the water was warmer.

A special thanks to our awesome friend Summer (summer.photography) for taking a majority of the behind the scenes photos below.

IMG_5859 IMG_7276 IMG_7236 IMG_7215 IMG_7173 IMG_7131 IMG_6475 IMG_6466 IMG_6452 IMG_6389 IMG_6381 IMG_6367 IMG_6362 IMG_6356 IMG_6345 IMG_6329 IMG_6296 IMG_6292 IMG_6288 IMG_6278 IMG_6267 IMG_6227 IMG_6201 IMG_6198 IMG_6157 IMG_6134 IMG_6094 IMG_6085 IMG_6070 IMG_6035 IMG_6024 IMG_6018 IMG_6015 IMG_5989 IMG_5987 IMG_5978 IMG_5964 IMG_5946 IMG_5929 IMG_5915 IMG_5910 IMG_5904 IMG_5876

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