This past week we had the opportunity to travel throughout North East Tanzania.  We visited homes near Arusha and in Maasailand and were humbly invited in for some hot chai tea.  We asked a million questions and listened to a thousand stories as we attempt to grasp the depth of the culture and the story we will tell.  

The past few days, we have attempted to wrap our heads around all that we have learned and create a vision for how we can best serve Faces4Hope with a film.  Almost always, sifting through information, cultures, programs and projects to find a story worth telling is the most challenging part, but we could not be more excited.  Here are just a few photos from our last week.

IMG_9002 Maasailand-2 copy Maasailand-1 copy IMG_9109 IMG_9049

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  1. Phoebe M

    These photographs are breathtaking!
    All the best in the next few weeks as you work to tell the stories of the beautiful people you’ve encountered! I can’t wait to see what you create :)

  2. ann little

    We are so pleased and proud of you and the wonderful work you are accomplishing…the stories you are telling and the amazing films you are producing. We know you are Blessing and Being Blessed! On Wings of Love, from the little family

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