I heard it said once that time is slowed down when we experience new things.  Our brain takes in information and expands the memories so a day starts to feel like a week, a week like a month, and a year like 5.  If it is true that new experiences make time seem longer, then I guess we’re in for a long 2013. 

But something tells me that at the end of it all, it will seem like just a dream that has flown by.  New places, new faces, and new stories will pass this year and if we don’t stop to take it in, to take our time, to enjoy every moment, we might let it go to quick.  It’s the same thing that happens to all of us.  We get going.  Off this way and that way and soon breathe and say, “Where did the time  go?” 


Something this trip has taught me thus far is to be content sitting — sitting on the plane for 12 hours, sitting in an airport for 5, sitting crammed in a car half the size it needs to be, sitting at my computer chair for an entire day, sitting and watching the sun set cause really there is nothing else to do. 

In an interesting way though, it’s let it all sink in, caused me to think and let me grow fond of stillness.  Without the time to breathe, to take a walk or just sit, I think 2013 could fly by without me noticing it.  So let 2013 be hectic, crazy, awesome, and still.  And hopefully the time won’t slip away too quick.  Bring it on!

~ Tim

Fireworks in ThessalonikiIMG_6256IMG_6283IMG_6268Crazy Fireworks in Greeceour new friendsa single firework

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  1. Jon

    I want the whole story behind the picture of the three girl and the three boys (including the one taking the picture!

    • Tim Kressin

      haha those are the A21 interns that work for the shelter. Very cool girls and glad to have some new friends while we’re hear. And you’re hilarious for making that your only comment ha!

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