Part 2 of a behind the scenes look at our time in Cambodia while making Rescue is Not Enough for Transitions Global.  Almost every day at around 3 pm the clouds would gather and soon begin to downpour.  Luckily, there were a few days we were able to enjoy some beautiful sunsets.  Also, we spent a few days with Water of Life in Cambdia and you’ll see some of the children they are impacting in the photos below.


 cambodia-phnom-penh-49 cambodia-phnom-penh-48 cambodia-phnom-penh-47 cambodia-phnom-penh-46 cambodia-phnom-penh-45 cambodia-phnom-penh-44 cambodia-phnom-penh-43 cambodia-phnom-penh-42 cambodia-phnom-penh-41 cambodia-phnom-penh-40 cambodia-phnom-penh-39 cambodia-phnom-penh-38 cambodia-phnom-penh-37 cambodia-phnom-penh-36 IMG_0902 cambodia-phnom-penh-34 cambodia-phnom-penh-33 cambodia-phnom-penh-32 cambodia-phnom-penh-31 cambodia-phnom-penh-30 cambodia-phnom-penh-29 cambodia-phnom-penh-28cambodia-phnom-penh-27

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  1. Debbie & Tim

    Like the JTL – with sparklers?? Very gray there except for the bright smiles of the children! What a hard job an electrician would have going through those electrical wires!!!!

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