Phnom Penh, Cambodia quickly become one of our favorite places to be. We lived right in the thick of the city.  Every day we walked out of our hotel and enjoyed the commotion going on in the city streets.  We were able to freely walk almost anywhere and able to visit some unique places and grab some great food.  This also gave us a free opportunity to location scout, check out where the best lighting was, and grab some fun time-lapses from all around town.  Now we feel like we’ve conquered this city, or at least our square mile of it.  Rescue is Not Enough felt less like we were filming in a foreign country and more like being a local production company for an awesome organization (although, the language barrier made this far from true).  Get ready for more photos coming soon!

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  1. Ken Crouse

    The photos along the waterfront remind me of one of my favorite things to do in Phnom Penh – get up early (like 4 a.m.) and wonder over behind the palace area to the early market – watching the city come alive via the market place and then stroll along the waterfront at day-break as the various exercise groups work out.

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