Towards the end of May, after 6 months of traveling and filmmaking, we decided to take a 5 day break in Cambodia.  It was good to take a deep breath and not think about film or business every day.  After one day in Phnom Penh we rented some motorcycles and took the risk of driving the 6 hour road to Siem Reap ourselves.  

Kevin would describe the experience as terrifying and death defying (even though he was the one that planned it all).  Davis would describe jumping over potholes as amazing and fun.  I loved riding through the tall trees in Siem Reap and enjoying the wind in my beard, free and without a care in the world.  No matter what each of us thought, it was a great memory for our trip and lives (thank goodness we still have lives).  The temples were truly remarkable, and we felt like Indiana Jones as we explored each one (although we lacked the whip, Davis had the hat).  Enjoy some photos from the trip! 

Angkor_Wat-temple- Angkor_Wat-temple Angkor_Wat-temple-crazy-trees Angkor_Wat-temple-10 Angkor_Wat-temple-9 Angkor_Wat-temple-8 Angkor_Wat-temple-7 IMG_6552 Angkor_Wat-temple-11Angkor_Wat-temple-5 Angkor_Wat-temple-4 Angkor_Wat-temple-3 Angkor_Wat-temple-2tomb-raider-ankgor-wat tim-kev-ankgor-wat-2 copy tim-kev-ankgor-wat-1 copy siem-reap-pub-street optical-illusion-ankgor-wat motorcycles-siem-reap kevin-dirty-ankgor-wat Kevin-Angkor-Wat-1 copy indiana-jones-ankgor-wat davis-indiana-ankgor-wat davis-ankgor-wat boxed-in-ankgor-wat ankgor-wat ankgor-wat-three ankgor-wat-group

All photos were edited in Lightroom using VSCO Film. 


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  1. Debbie & Tim

    There were so many WOW photos in this bunch!!!!

  2. Mike Hawkins

    Awesome. Can’t wait to hear more about this. Looking forward to having you guys back again one of these days!

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