A year ago today we packed our bags, went for a quick run to the camera store, and drove to LAX. We said goodbye to family and friends, a community we loved, all for a journey in which we didn’t know what to expect.  In all honesty, the belief that we would make it a year was a stretch.  To be sitting here, in Katmandu, Nepal, exactly a year later simply humbles me and blows me away. 

The most humbling part is not that we have managed to make it this long but that we continue to be supported by that same community and by more who have joined.  While traveling, you can start to feel disconnected from reality. You can start to question if anyone really cares and what the point is.  So often have we had those thoughts, but then someone messages us with encouragement, or donates money out of their graduation gifts, or sends us an email in response to one of the videos they saw, and you are reminded of a community that believes that stories have the power to change lives – and we have to tell those stories.

We set out to film 12 organizations, in 12 months, in 12 different countries.  And here we are exactly 12 months later.  Why are there not 12 films completed and done on the website? Yeah, things haven’t worked out perfectly, but that is honestly what we expected.  To be sure, we’ve got some exciting films to show you soon!  The journey continues, at least for a few more weeks.

Again, I want to say thank you to those who have helped make this journey happen.  We can not thank you enough. Continue to follow along for updates on the final leg of the journey!

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4 Responses

  1. Victoria Kennedy

    You guys have done amazing work. What an unexpected honor it was to have met you all and been able to hang out with you in Cambodia! Keep doing what you’re doing!!! Victoria

  2. Michele-Lyn

    You guys are amazing! I’ve followed your whole journey and you’ve been such an incredible inspiration! I can’t wait to see where you all go next!

  3. Debbie & Tim

    Loved “meeting” so many wonderful people, learning about so many wonderful charities and “living” so many great experiences through you! God Bless the groups you have worked with and God Bless the remainder of your trip!

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