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Currently, I sit in a courtyard of a hotel in Kampala, Uganda.  I watch the bright white clouds shift along the bright sky blue backdrop.  And the bright sun shines through the green leaves of the trees. 

A couple of days ago we rode through the city on bodas (motorcycles), attempting to find a Mexican restaurant in the nightlife of the city.  A couple of weeks ago we drove in the sunset after filming our last scene of our Uganda film.  A couple of months ago we flew in the first of many plane flights towards Caracas, Venezuela.  But what holds my mind is that exactly a year ago, we drove in a car filled with friends and family and a trailer filled with wood to a deserted strip of land to build something.

I remember that day very clearly.  I knew we were building something, raising something up, to represent a project that we couldn’t lift up ourselves.  I knew we would need help, from God, from friends, and from family.  And if it were to succeed it wouldn’t be because we were cool, or great, or made a little film about a sign, but because something else was going on.

I guess I knew then but I really know now: that day would change my life.  We didn’t quite leave for our trip that day, but we hoisted the sail and waited to see if we were lucky enough for it to catch wind.  And that is exactly what happened.  After six months, after meeting upon meeting, presentation after presentation, and a thousand of emails and tweets, God, friends, and family became the wind that sent us on this crazy journey.

What I learned from that day is that it’s important to hoist the sail.  Sometimes we get caught up in saying something, dreaming something, knowing that it’s a large task and that it could never happen without help.  And so we stop, dead in the water.  We need the wind to catch, but we forgot to put the sail up.

It takes a lot of work to put up that sail, but the wind will blow and we’ll head somewhere (even if it’s not where we first thought), and going somewhere is better than nowhere at all.

Above all, I want to thank our community for believing in our journey.  I want to ask for your continued wind of encouragement and prayers.  Continue to be the breeze that sends us through the calm and the storm.

We are always humbled and will always be humbled to remember what happened a year ago today.  We are always humbled to remember our community and their belief in story, their belief that stories have the power to transform lives.  Truly we are seeing the results already!

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  1. Debbie & Tim

    Special memories were created at the Salton Sea a year ago!! God bless JTL and its continuing ministry!

  2. Steve, Bri and Bryce

    JTL you continue to amaze us in producing emotional and compelling films to serve The Lord. God Bless You! Love You!!

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