During our last weekend in Greece, we decided to take a day trip with some friends to Meteora.  We heard of the mountain top monasteries when we first arrived and had eagerly awaited a chance when we could head up to the mountains and see these magnificent buildings in such a glorious setting.  Through snowy roads and icy cold air we drove.  The Greek countryside is simple but our eyes were filled with wonder at it all.  Although it was a cloudy and foggy day, it was exciting to run around taking photos and exploring such a unique place.  If you happen to be in northern Greece we definitely recommend a day or two in these mountains.

Meteora-2-UP3 copy   IMG_7449 IMG_7442 IMG_7403Meteora-2-UP1 copy IMG_7402 IMG_7377 IMG_7351 IMG_8850 IMG_8838 IMG_8819 IMG_8812Meteora-2-UP2 copy IMG_8803 IMG_8793 IMG_8791 IMG_8782 IMG_8779

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  1. Abbie D.

    amazing shots guys! now I need to add it to my “someday I need to see this in person” list…
    be safe and be blessed!

  2. Stamati Melina

    We had such a great time with you all! Hope you have the best trip to the next destination! Blessings

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