PHOTOS – “This is Holy Land”


Israel was a dramatic difference from the green hills of Nepal, but nonetheless it had a beauty of it’s own that captured our attention. From the empty streets in some Palestinian areas, to the desert near the Dead Sea, to the sunsets over the holy city, we started to grow very fond Israel.

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NEW FILM: “This is Holy Land.”


Join the Lights is excited to present This is Holy Land, a story about learning to truly love your enemies in a place where it may seem impossible.

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A Year Abroad: Wrong Turns to Right Places

The Join the Lights Team

There are moments in life that demand pause – just a moment’s breath. For me, this is one of those moments. Right now, I sit on a bench in the middle of “The Garden of Dreams” – a beautiful, colonial style park in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal.

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A Year Ago Today – Thank You!


A year ago today we packed our bags, went for a quick run to the camera store, and drove to LAX. We said goodbye to family and friends, a community we loved, all for a journey in which we didn’t quite know what to expect. In all honesty, the belief that we would make it a year was a stretch. To be sitting here, in Katmandu, Nepal, exactly a year later simply humbles me and blows me away.

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NEW FILM: “A New Seed” – ECHO, Thailand


Join the Lights is excited to present A New Seed, an up close look at ECHO and the remarkable work they are doing in northern Thailand.

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Philippines BTS Photos – Part II


If you’ve seen Labor of Love, you know that we had the remarkable opportunity to follow Eliza as she overcomes her fear of childbirth after complications with her pregnancy. Check out some of the photos of Eliza and her newborn baby boy as well as some others from a small trip to a local island.

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Philippines BTS Photos – Part I


Take a look at some of the photos we took while filming Labor of Love for Mercy in Action in the Philippines. We loved not only being able to follow the remarkable work that the midwives were doing, but also a chance to explore the beauty of the Philippines (including a trip to a nearby island and a zoo!). Stay tuned for more photos!

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