The Join the Lights team is united by the desire to create media that is thought-provoking, inspiring, entertaining, and ultimately life changing.

Field Team

Davis Mug Shot

Davis Goslin Travel, Logistics, Audio


While others look at a group and see friends talking and laughing, Davis has the unique ability to see an individual’s strengths and abilities and to inspire him or her to apply them to a greater purpose.  He is a leader that can conceive and execute a plan in three minutes or three months.  He strives to push people, putting them in a place where they can thrive and truly live out their passions. 

If you got in Davis’ car you would be welcomed by blasting music and authentic conversation while driving (and dancing) down an open dirt road.  Davis loves Join the Lights because it allows him to meet authentic world changers, hear their stories and become their friends.  Davis is a king at travel coordination, firing away emails, and making friends around the world.

Tim Mug Shot

Tim Kressin Camera, Color, Story


Tim sees in metaphors, light, music, and beauty. He imagines the perfect scene and then engages in the adventure that will take him there. After graduating from Chapman University with a dual degree in Film Production and PR & Advertising, he chose to use his passion for film to challenge, question, and inspire people.

Join the Lights is built on the spirit that Tim brings to the team; he strives to create media that inspires emotion, thought, and change. Tim envisions the best way to tell the story, looks through the lens, colors the film, and is the official Join the Lights blogger. On the average day you will find Tim dreaming of a photo idea, writing spoken word poems, and filming music videos.

Kevin Mug Shot

Kevin Neynaber Editing, Story, Graphics

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Kevin is excellent, and he wouldn’t go to sleep at night if he wasn’t. He has an attention to detail that will not let mediocrity pass. He pours that quality into everything he does from post-production, web design, business, graphics, and story development. Kevin graduated with honors from Chapman University with a degree in Film Production and Business Administration and has directed, edited, and collaborated on countless films.

When Kevin gets immersed in a project there is no stopping his creative mind — he’s hooked and won’t let go. He rarely takes any breaks, but when he does he enjoys reading classical literature, watching films, playing video games, and smiling as he listens to his favorite band, Switchfoot.

Board Members


Drake Charles has years of team-building experience, leadership know-how and an incredible ability to create a vision for the future. As vice president of Linfield Christian School in Temecula, CA, he unites groups under common goals and creates action. Drake invests these abilities in Join the Lights because he sees the power of film for exponential impact and the ability to ultimately change lives.


Dr. Betsy Charles brings discernment and clarity to the Join the Lights vision. As a veterinarian, Betsy understands attention to detail and technical proficiency. Betsy also serves as executive director of The Veterinary Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization that develops leaders for the veterinary profession. She speaks on team building, self-management and servant leadership around the U.S.


George Mears is a man who is willing to take risks. He goes from the idea to done in no time flat. As the founder of Precision Framing, a construction company in Southern California, George understands the power of good business, communication, and work ethic. George brings this understanding to Join the Lights so that he can serve those who have taken action and share their stories.


Rob Thompson effortlessly serves everyone with whom he comes in contact with and brings a contagious energy to the team. Rob owns a web design firm and lives with his family in Temecula, CA. Rob understands the value of creativity and the power of story when presenting a message, and he brings this wisdom to Join the Lights.