Join the Lights is a creative media non-profit that seeks to discover organizations telling remarkable stories, empower them with relevant media tools, and share these inspiring stories with the world.



We are committed to discovering compassionate and selfless organizations that are truly giving, loving, and supporting with everything they have.

Often it is hard to find authentic and healthy organizations in which we can place our trust, support, and finances.  Our desire is to partner with organizations that focus on empowerment, sustainability, and transforming individual lives so that you can confidently support them as well.



We are committed to empowering organizations by providing them with the necessary media tools to properly share their stories.

We find organizations that cannot afford to hire the media team needed to share their stories and provide the means for them.  By providing an organization with professional media we are personalizing, legitimizing, and motivating an organization as it continues to pursue its mission.

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We are committed to sharing these stories with the world in order to inspire a generation to action.

Our hope is that others will see the impact these organizations are making and be compelled to do something themselves.  By revealing this compassion, we hope you will be inspired to support by providing prayer, giving financially, or taking action.

Our Vision

Our vision for Join the Lights is that it will become an international media resource for those seeking to share their remarkable stories and those who need to be inspired by courageous people.