Join the Lights is a community of artists and storytellers who believe in sharing stories of incredible courage that reveal the grace of a life transformed.  We believe these stories are lights, shining brightly into a dark world.

Unfortunately, many of these stories don’t get told – many lights remain hidden – because no one knows they exist.

Our Purpose

Caracas Lights

Every organization has a story to tell, but not all have the ability or finances to share their story in a way that’s relevant, entertaining and inspiring. But that’s what we love to do. Telling stories of compassion, of remarkable people, of courage and of grace – this is our passion.

Our purpose is to share these lights so that their missions can grow, awareness will rise, and more will be inspired to act – generating even more lights.

It’s exponential


Let’s imagine an organization raising funds for wells. They need $15,000 to build one well.  Each of these wells impacts up to 1,000 people for years.

Join the Lights partners with this organization to produce a film that shares the incredible story of a family who went from sickness to health due to a clean-water well being constructed in their local village.

The organization is then able to use this film as a tool to promote awareness and raise enough money for five wells, which in turn directly impacts 5,000 lives. A simple film could be used to transform thousands of lives and be an inspiration to thousands more. And that’s just one film.